Monday, 8 July 2013


Last week the Shrews landed in Malta...and it was tough.  We were happy to have the lovely Helena from the Globe with us, and we faced the trials of a five star hotel with a pool, temperatures in the mid thirties, and exploring Valletta together like the brave little soldiers we are...

sweet sweet joy!
We began with a line run round the pool - but I promised the Shrews not to put any bikini shots on here...

 Our shows were at 9pm to avoid the heat o' the sun, and insect repellent was liberally applied to avoid being eaten alive.

The Maltese audiences and crew were so welcoming, and the response to the show was great.  We noticed that the audience were particularly hot on the text, some lines getting laughs that never have before...

We also split in two to run two acting workshops for the Arts Festival...we were apprehensive about this as we had received no information about who might be coming, what they might be expecting, and what we were expected to do...despite our stage manager Carrie's best efforts to find out anything that might help.  Luckily Joy and I have many years experience in running Shakespeare workshops so we came together to make a makeshift plan...with the understanding that we would have to quickly adapt once we found out the ages / experience / expectations / volume of the turned out to be a really great experience - and the undisputed star of our group was 10 year old Roxie, who was expecting to read her book in the corner while her mum took part...little did she know!

the view from the pool deck

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