Thursday, 10 October 2013


Here we are in Singapore, guests of the amazingly glamorous pan pacific hotel, and despite several shrews being struck down with severe lurgy, the shows have gone down a storm...(more of which later).

We are performing outdoors in temperatures that even at night can reach 35's been up to 40 in the day times.    It is not easy, and many of the multi layered costumes are leaving us hideously sweaty...poor Sally and her world of wardrobe.  We have also been covering ourselves in deet...and performing to a chorus of bullfrogs.

We are in Fort Canning Park, and as well as our bullfrog friends we have some exciting sounding birds and beautiful trees keeping us company...

and the team here have built a wonderful 'mini globe' to enclose the back of the playing space...

Some of the Shrews also managed to catch 'The Reduced Shakespeare Company' who are out here with ABA productions as well and it was good to meet the boys for an actorly beverage.

We also managed the night safari on a rare night off - in celebration of Becci Shrew's birthday.

I last did a show in Singapore about eight years ago and am glad to be back.  Since I was last here the University of Singapore have acquired a house which they have restored to its 1920's glory, and it is an excellent way to make sense of the Peranakan culture that is unique to Singapore.  If you ever get the chance, book a (free!) tour - it's well worth it.

find out more here:

and here I am with our wonderful guide Ailee.

p.s. about that storm...I am able to catch up on our blog tonight because for the first time EVER the shrews were beaten by the weather - it took a tropical storm, thunder and lightening - and rivers of water running down the paths - but the show was called off!  This leaves us with only 3 shows and much as tonight was crazy and fun, and ended with the Shrews hiding from the rain drinking prosecco - we don't want to lose another.

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