Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Last Post

I'm not really sure if this will be the last ever post on Shrew Stories...but we have certainly done our last ever show and gone our separate shrew ways...

There are shows, as an actor, that you never want to do've flogged them to death...and a few of your fellow actors have a glazed look in their eyes; there are others where you feel cheated, you were just getting into your stride, just beginning to discover things, when it is taken away.

At the moment Shrew feels somewhere in the middle (although without any glazed eyes I might add) - with nearly 100 shows we probably had done it enough, but I was never bored, and every show was different.  It won't sink in for a while that we're not just having a break, that I've really hung up the nylon suit and packed away the Wicker glasses for one last time (and, please God, the violin).

I'm sure we will all meet up, probably paths will also cross in work - but if there's one thing I now know after about ten years of shows - however hard you try, you will never get the whole cast and crew in one room (tent) again - the nature of our work means we don't stay put.

Here we are on the night of the storm singing 'Health to the Company' from the show -

The Full Shrew Crew - Here's a health to the company

Thanks for reading in your thousands, and for coming to see the show in your tens of thousands...and as for misunderstand the words of Rosalind in As you like it:

Farewell, Monsieur Traveller; look you lisp and wear strange suits

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  1. It still sounds in the ear: "are you ready for some ladies" ...The feeling of a great summer last year....I will never forget. Thank you so much!!! Colin


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