Sunday, 19 May 2013

Rehearsals week two

Firstly I have to thank my husband, James, for baking shrew bread for us...which kept us going during the week.

It's scary to think we're halfway through the rehearsals...and there still seems so much to do.  After a week of beginning to block we're just over halfway through the play and it's hard to imagine it all being done...I just have to keep reminding myself that I've been here before and it always comes together in the end...

We did a lot of music on Saturday with our musical director, Corin.  He is so enthusiastic, and is encouraging us all to play anything we can get a tune out it seems that at one point in the play I will be playing the violin...has anyone ever learnt the violin in just over two weeks before?  Watch this space.

We had Sunday off and I suspect that most of the Shrews spent it pretty much like me - desperately trying to learn lines.  Here I have the advantage of the fabulous Rachel Dale A fabulous actor and friend I've been lucky enough to go to TWO drama schools with. When resting Rachel often helps other actors prepare for auditions and roles.  A good couple of hours together running lines will hopefully make a big difference in the week ahead.

When I do post show discussions people often ask about line perhaps I should write something here.  There do seem to be people who can just read lines a couple of times and they are 'in'.  My husband is one of these people. I am not. I learn them through repeating them out loud hundreds of time, putting my lines and cues on my ipod and listening to them hundreds of times, and then making another recording with gaps for my lines which I practice with...hundreds of times.  I am very dull to live with in rehearsals.  I can often be found talking to myself on the tube.


  1. Well done, James (though I'm a bit worried about shrew bread for a vegetarian...)

  2. I have to walk around to remember until I have blocking....forget it. Sounds like you are plunging ahead.
    Good luck with the violin....I can't play that instrument at all!

  3. me neither! I am a cellist - but it's very different...gulp...

  4. This is so interesting to read! I came to see Taming last night in Portsmouth as part of a group who are also putting on a female production of Taming in July (at Hursley House, near Romsey, here ends the plug!). I am also playing Hortensio and
    I would never had known that you didn't play the violin before - I am now dreading our director realising I play the cello and adding it in! Well done to you and the rest of the cast for a stunning performance.

  5. Good luck! Do tweet me a pic of you all in costume - I know the shrews would love to see it!


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