Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rehearsals Week Three

This week we finally got to the last scene of the play (on Friday)...and began learning to jig for the traditional globe end to the show.

I went to see Martin (McKellan), the voice wizard at the Globe to discuss all things voice - but mainly to panic about Joe (the director)'s decision that the Pendant (the second 'surprise' character I discovered I was playing during the read through) should have a different does make sense for clarification...but I would've liked a bit more notice!  I do a lot of accents for shows, but I always try and work on them with a coach.  I really love accents and dialects, and I think when you come from parents with diverse accents, and have a sister who is an expert on pronunciation (you can buy her book here:, you do try not to approximate...  Martin was amazingly positive and had some great suggestions to help me maintain my vowel sounds.

I also spent an hour with Giles (Block), and his assistant Jamie, who work on text with us.  I read through some of my lines with him and Giles questioned some of my intonations.  He doesn't tell you how to say things, but makes you think about assumptions you've made - and, what I find really useful - suggests ways to make the decisions you've made about the text even clearer.

On Saturday we spent the day recapping the blocking of the play (most of which we've only really done once, so it was very valuable) with Josh the asst. director - so theoretically we are ready to stagger through the whole play on Tuesday...

And we also celebrated Joe's birthday with an Elizabethan version of 'Happy Birthday' and a curly wurly cake. 

On a personal note - I'm amazed how many hundreds of people have read my blog so far, from all over the world -  
thank you.  

If there's anything you'd like to know do tweet me and I'll do my best to answer questions in future blogs. book to come and see the show - we'd love to see you all 

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