Saturday, 1 June 2013

Last Week of Rehearsals

Meet the newest shrew! Kate Lamb's dog Willow, who will be touring some of the venues with us.  Here's Joy saying hello to her today, our last day of rehearsals in London before we go to Portsmouth to tech next week.

This week we managed a few sort of runs...although there are still some mysteries to be solved...and the challenges of next week loom heavily in the shrew brains.

Set...being outside...costumes (and super fast costume changes)...props...these are all yet to be thrown into the mix and we only really have two days to do it all.

The (small) silver lining, I think, is that compared to a traditional tech for a show, we should get some acting time.  There are no lighting or sound cues - all the music is live and unamplified.  Usually teching is a very slow process of moving slowly between lighting states and fixing when they will change, setting sound cues, set changes / things being flown in and out - and there will be none of that...

No lights, no fancy set changes, no pumping sound track...just eight ladies, a wing, and a prayer...

Wish us luck...and dry weather...


  1. Dry weather, definitely! And all the very best x

  2. I've just got back from seeing the Portsmouth show - really staggeringly good!


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