Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Amongst our Globe dates this weekend we had two nights at Herstmonceux Castle, outdoors, by the moat.
It was the first venue that Josh, our assistant director, teched us into and we spent some time checking for sound levels, checking we hadn't forgotten how to work the smaller, touring stage (we had a bit), and Josh had a few notes for us from our last few performances at the Globe too...

Here are some things we learnt while at Herstmonceux...

Wind is not the friend of the actor trying to be heard.

Herstmonceux is a brick castle built in 1441, only the exterior is still original, and it is now home to the Queen's International Study Centre hosting students through the Canadian University Study Abroad Program - this meant the Shrews have been well fed in the student canteen.

It's 'Herstmon-zoo'... not 'Herstmon-sir'...who knew?

Although I worked out in Portsmouth this was going to be a tour of alternately boiling / freezing / being soaked - I had not previously thought (until performing at dusk next to still water) about biting insects - luckily Carrie, our stage manager was one step ahead with the bug spray!

You can get a haircut for £10.60 in neighbouring Hailsham.

Shrew Tree

The Shrews enjoy the Nature Trail between shows...

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