Tuesday, 11 June 2013

First show at the Globe

What's that Miss Hunt? Our names on the door of our dressing room at the globe...why, yes, it is...

After Sunday off for good behaviour, we Shrews hit the Globe on Monday with not a little trepidation.

Our Portsmouth shows seemed to have gone down so surprisingly well I think we were still in shock.  But how would the show translate to the (much bigger) Globe stage and (much bigger) Globe audience?

And...with Joe having only 4 hours rehearsal scheduled on the stage itself before the first show...how would we have time to re-block etc...

I suppose the answer is, if the thoughts and intentions are right (and we hope they are)...you just physically (but not mentally) spread out a bit...

And of course our Globe friends were there to help us re-jig the jig, re-tune our tuning, hone our text and look after our voices.

I think we were intimidated by the thought of treading the hallowed boards...how would we fill the space?  Then the truth slowly dawned on us (well...perhaps it dawned more quickly for the smartest shrews...but it didn't hit me til about halfway through our first show on Monday night)  It's EASIER than outside.  You can be heard, you can be seen, the sound and the audience are focused in on the stage in a way that outdoors we really have to work for - yes, there are pigeons, yes there are planes (a lot of them) - but the audience really stay with you.

Josh, our assistant director, sort of summed it up when he said after our first show that he wished we could have seen our open mouthed, amazed faces during the bows.  I think we were just gobsmacked.  We had somehow done it, it seemed to go down a storm...and suddenly we knew what it sounded like to have 1500 people clapping and cheering you.  Overwhelming.

There are some rehearsal pics and audience comments on the Globe's facebook page Shakespeare's Globe
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God give you good night!

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