Sunday, 12 May 2013

Rehearsals Week One

Sooooooooo....Taming of the Shrew rehearsals have started for the Globe.
We shrews have spent most of the week sitting round the table trying to get the nitty gritty of the play sorted.  We've also started some of the music.

Most bestest moments of the week have probably been:

our new lanyards - ridiculous excitement
walking out onto the globe stage for the first time
finally meeting each other

More Challenging moments:

The sheer brain freeze of eight hours a day round a table talking about language - not since university have I spent so much time discussing the multiple possible meanings of a single word.  It's obviously vital stuff, we all need to decide what we all understand as characters and as actors...and it's all money in the bank.  But I'm not really a sitter downer...and it is a bit like pulling teeth at times....and I think rather than go home and relax / learn lines we've all just collapsed at the end of every day.

Cakegate.  There is too much cake in the rehearsal room.  I have no will power.  End of.

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  1. I reckon you will need all the cake you can lay hands on by the end of this run!


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